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Battlestar galactica blueprints pdf

battlestar galactica blueprints pdf

"Lost Planet of the Gods, Part 2" (1978 TV series).
Sponsored by Caprica ) Pegasus Columbia (the first was one of the first 12 Built.
They are Acropolis, Atlantia, Columbia, Pacifica, Pegasus, Rycon, Solaria, and Triton.
Due to this lack of network integration at the time of the Cylon attack, Galactica was unaffected by the infiltration program used by the Cylons to disable Colonial vessels and defense systems, using the Command Navigation Program (CNP developed.There are two of these, located amidships on both the port and starboard sides of Galactica.When the Galactica attacks a Baseship in "The Hand of God" Commander Adama explicit states that they have reconfigured their lasers to be able to attack the Baseship and showing that they are not a standard mode of weaponry.40 Bachelor Warriors's Quarters.The Fourth Fleet with each fleet assigned one battlestar and led by that battlestar's commander.The chart has the ability to display a red dot highlighting any given point, which a briefing officer can move simply by pointing his finger." A Measure of Salvation ".1 As to purely defensive measures, Galactica is protected by both "electronic shields" and a heavy metal double-pocket hatch shield that covers its panoramic bridge viewport; the latter is closed in "positive shield" state and open in "negative shield" state.Moore as a mixed force of vessels somewhat similar to a US Navy carrier strike group.Galactica (The Galactica was one of the first 12 Battlestars.
The computer is able to interface via vocal conversation, as well as via CRT displays and paper printouts.Missing in action since the Battle of Gamoray when she destroyed two Cylon Basestars.The piano that Kara Thrace plays in the episode " Someone to Watch Over Me " is located in Joe's Bar."Fire in Space" (1978 TV series).Galactica (BS-75) entered service in the early years of the first Cylon War, under the command of Commander Silas Nash.Request shuttles." ) A sixth Battlestar (the Pegasus ) was thought to have been lost, but reappeared during the series.Tyrol suggests applying a Cylon organic resin that will insinuate itself into the hull, both repairing and strengthening the metal as it matures.The only example of their use is in The Living Legend, Part 2, where they are fired at the same time as, and often confused with, the forward lasers.Scientific inaccuracies plagued many of the science fiction movies/series during the late 70's and early 80's.The further reduction in manpower forces Adama to allow Cylon heavy raiders from the renegade basestar to assist in CAP duties alongside Galactica 's regular pilots.

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