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Cracked skin on feet nhs

cracked skin on feet nhs

Check your feet for any signs of damage including: Blisters Cuts Scratches Bruises Sores If you have signs of foot damage, Diabetes UK advise seeking immediate advice from can you repair a cracked front bumper your health team.
At a foot examination, your feet will be checked for: Signs of neuropathy or development of neuropathy.
Athlete's foot is mildly contagious.
In more severe cases, it may be necessary to wear an orthowedge: a special shoe designed to alleviate pressure on the front of the foot.Foot ulcers for example, which affect as many as 1 out of 10 people with diabetes, can all to easily develop from blisters and small wounds to posing a threat of amputation.Athlete's foot causes you to develop a rash, usually in the spaces between your toes.Tinea manuum, in some cases the fungal infection that causes athlete's foot can spread to your hands.How long will my symptoms last?It is relatively common for people with diabetes to not feel foot problems until they have developed, therefore it is key to ensure you have regular foot examinations.For example, people who have diabetes are at greater risk.
Ensure that you follow the treatment instructions.
As with nerve damage, poor blood circulation can also lead to a higher chance of developing foot problems.Signs of loss of blood circulation include: Cold or pale feet Thickened toe nails Loss of hair on your feet or legs Experiencing cramp in your calves If you notice these signs, notify your doctor.Diabetes is the highest cause of amputations in the UK which is why it is important to check your feet daily and notify your health team of any signs of damage.The symptoms depend on how severe the infection.Blood circulation, any signs of damage, read more on foot examinations.This can be particularly painful, and increases the risk of you developing a secondary bacterial infection (see 'complications' section).Sometimes the infection can also spread to your toenails, causing them to be dry and crumbly.It is therefore important that you treat your infection (see 'treatment' section and always wash your hands thoroughly after touching the rash.Damage to your feet can be reduced by avoiding walking barefoot, wearing correctly fitting footwear and keeping your feet clean and in good condition.Initially, it often affects the skin between the toes but the voice singing game can spread to the toenails, soles and sides of the feet.