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Crazy 8 card game

crazy 8 card game

They also allow you to switch the current suit to any other one.
Any card may be played, however; a) if a player cannot lay down a card that directly follows one already on the table, a 9 on a 8 for example, they must drink for the total number of cards from those in the suit.Take vietcong 2 iso cz dubing the four 8's from a deck of cards and lay them out on a table, top to bottom.Sorry, some unexpected error occured.The Eights in the deck are "wild" and can be played at any time.Sorry, you have voted on too many games today!Points are scored against you for the cards left in your hand.There are many variations of this game - please read the rules for the version presented here.
Players must take turns laying down their cards, building from the eights in either direction (matching suites).
Each deal ends when one player has discarded all his cards or no player is able to play any more cards.Deal the rest of the deck to the players sitting around the table.Crazy Eights is a game in which the object is to get rid of the cards in your hand onto a discard pile by matching the number or suit of the previous discard.Please try voting again later.B) if a player lays down a card that does not skip any cards, the drinks (of their card's face number) are given out to the player(s) of their choice.Thank you, your vote was recorded and the game rating will be updated soon.If demand is there, alternate variations will be offered in the future.You can vote only once a day.The game ends when one player reaches 100 points (loser).