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Effectiveness of the nicotine patch

effectiveness of the nicotine patch

Sonderskov,., Olsen,., Sabroe,., Meillier,.
10-11) Nicotine is a Preventative and Treatment for Alzheimers and Parkinsons Research on nicotine and neurodegenerative diseases stemmed from the realization that there is a decreased rate of Parkinsons and Alzheimer s diseases in smokers (R, R2).
1) Its Addictive, and Quitting is Difficult Trying to quit a nicotine (more specifically Tobacco/smoking) habit may cause strong cravings for the substance, increased appetite, sleep disturbances, gastrointestinal problems, anxiety, anger, frustration, depression, irritability, and restlessness (R).This seems very illogical, but my statistics background is fairly nonexistent and I have no rebuttal this is the information presented, albeit by only one person.Bacterial lipopolysaccharides ( LPS ) decrease nicotinic receptors (7 nAChRs) in the mouse brain, exacerbating chronic inflammation, beta-amyloid accumulation and episodic memory decline, which mimics the early stages of Alzheimers ( R ).May cause nausea, may increase risk of H Pylori infection.Cigarettes contain roughly 10-20 mg of nicotine with the smoker taking in 1-2 mg of vaporized nicotine per cigarette (R) Most gums and chews contain 2 mg per piece.But it seems that this assumption may be false and not only that, it seems it may have an opposite effect to what one would normally expect.Literature on this from 1862 (Here) and more recent literature on this (R, R2) Nicotine is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (maoi) (R).Studies have shown that the sedative or calming effect from cigarettes is only due to relieving the symptoms of withdrawal (R).
The instructions are very precise, and the site indicates that you must follow the instructions carefully in order for it to work. .Information from the American Lung Association lists potential side effects as Headache Dizziness Upset stomach Weakness Blurred vision Vivid dreams Mild itching and burning on the skin Diarrhea (American Lung Association) The OTC participants in the Shiffman.In excessive amounts, it will overload synapses and disrupt nerve impulses.Transdermal nicotine replacement therapy can be a very effective way to help you quit smoking once and for all.However, dont forget that there are certain side effects of nicotine patches.Chronic nicotine treatment enhances relaxation of blood vessels in rats (via activation of PKG pathway) (R).Nicotinic receptor activators are being explored for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis ( R ).

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