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Fairy tail episode 162 eng sub

fairy tail episode 162 eng sub

125 Levy and Fairy Tail return to Magnolia following the King's banquet and is met with critical acclaim by the citizens.
220 Solid Script: o&o unerase 6.0.1899 crack Markings : Levy generates a luminous path which can be followed if she is in an unknown location.Like the rest of her friends, Levy then falls victim to the Underworld King's Curse, and is petrified in stone.201 Levy breaks down after losing Gajeel Levy gets up and tries to help him, but is warned repeatedly by Gajeel that if she touches him, she'll turn into Magical Barrier Particles as well, but she replies that she doesn't care, and that she wants.Before long, the boys begin their training, starting with Gray freezing the beach and Natsu smashing the ice.Levy then proceeds to use Solid Script: Silent to cancel out Yomazu's G and Solid Script: Fire to boil the eggs that Kawazu had produced, however Kawazu simply releases more eggs, breaking the fire apart.20 She is next seen participating in the Miss Fairy Tail contest where she uses her Magic to make fancy texts appear in midair, impressing Jet and Droy.As she is holding onto Gajeel, Levy notes that things have gone out of hand.She immediately screams for him to let her go, as Gajeel is going to die very shortly; Gajeel, as he fades, pours his heart out to Levy, telling her that she taught him how to love and that he wanted to walk alongside her forever.
Pisces (Eclipse) References. Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 42, Cover.0.1 Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 428, Page 18 Fairy Tail Manga: Volume 23, Bonus Content Fairy Tail Omake: Welcome to Fairy Hills!, Page.0.1 Fairy Tail Manga.
112 Afterwards, Levy watches as Sting challenges all the Fairy Tail Mages at once to battle.105 Later, while Erza battles Kagura, the latter draws her sword and causes blood to spill, which causes Levy to look away from the battle.The wall of water hits her straight on, and, as she is sent flying backwards, Levy swears she can hear Gajeel's voice.40 Jet and Droy then start arguing about who's going to be her partner whilst Levy begins to lose heart at the idea due to her lack of strength.She pouts slightly before he says he is going to arrest her and lock her up in the guild's prisons, causing her to then smile.21 After her turn ends, she, along with the other contestants, is turned into stone by Evergreen and is used as a hostage for Laxus' scheme.When Levy mentions God Serena 's absence, the three Gods of Ishgar look forlorn and Hyberion tells her that God Serena abandoned them to join Alvarez, and is now a member of Emperor Spriggan 's protection squad: the Spriggan 12 ; this piece of information.106 Soon after, during Gajeel's battle against Rogue, Levy shouts out in shock as Rogue is possessed and injures Gajeel.120 However, Natsu shouts to all the Mages from the skies that they can defeat Dragons with Dragon Slayer Magic and that with seven Dragons and seven Dragon Slayers, they can win.