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Fury of the sunwell patch 2.4

fury of the sunwell patch 2.4

Frostbite : When a frost spell is reflected back at a Mage, it is now possible for the Mage to suffer from the Frostbite effect.
Shadowguard : No longer consumes the charge of Inner Focus when triggered.Goblin Rocket Launcher : Creatures will no longer gain health while affected by the Stun from this item.In addition, the searching of items by level has been made more intuitive.Additionally, the four piece bonus kanzul iman urdu pdf will now only work on the next Holy Light cast, as intended.Combat Log Improvements New tabs are available for sorting combat messages.This change does not apply to melee and ranged abilities.Female Draenei can no longer become stuck under a root in the tunnels leading to Blackfathom Deeps, Ashenvale.
Sap mechanic changed from " Incapacitate " to "Sap".Shaman PvP Boots: The pre-Burning Crusade bonus to increase Ghost Wolf speed no longer works for players over level.Casting Flare while in any way not visible, will no longer cause your flare to be invisible to other players.Kael'thas Sunstrider says: It was called the Sunwell!Fear Ward is now usable while in Shadow form.Silent Resolve : This talent now affects Surge of Light, Power Infusion, Inspiration, Spirit Tap, Blackout, Levitate, Shackle Undead, Touch of Weakness, Hex of Weakness, and Symbol of Hope.This will aid players in leveling up their cooking skill to 300 without fishing.When purchasing a bank tab, it takes money out of the guild bank before it takes your personal money.You can now search for items by level with "15-20" to search for items that hp 48 gx manual you can make that have a minimum level required of 15.It will now take four seconds before the full benefit of the mana regeneration will come into effect.