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Grand theft auto 5 for on pc

grand theft auto 5 for on pc

and x men legends 2 roa no cd patch a mere seven per cent boost at 1440p.
GTA 5 scales over eight cores and 16 threads, and while you won't see any gargantuan improvement over an i5 in terms of frame-rates, curiously we see more stable frame-times the more cores you throw at the game.
It is present-day GTA and the largest and most thriving game-world Rockstar have ever developed.
Rockstar North are bringing Grand Theft Auto V to visontek radeon x1550 driver the PC and next gen consoles, xbone and PS4.Remember, GTA 5 began life as an Xbox 360 and PS3 game - those lower quality assets are still there if you need them.In our test below, we examine relative performance with GTA 5 running at 1080p on max settings (both standard and advanced fully ramped up albeit with multi-sampling anti-aliasing (msaa) disabled.It's worth pointing out that there are 4GB variants of the GTX 960 available, but at 200, the value proposition is questionable - you can get the much more powerful Radeon R9 290 for just 20 more, which also comes with 4GB of vram.There's a simple rule of thumb here - if you're happy with a 30fps experience on console settings, a Core i3 4130 or AMD FX-6300 should serve you well.For an experience that matches what PlayStation 4 has to offer, we recommend a Core i3 4130 as a minimum, paired with Nvidia's GTX 750 Ti graphics card.
On top of that, we use the accumulated benchmark data to go one step further, providing recommended settings for each hardware performance tier, the idea being to hit a consistent 60fps with the highest level of visual fidelity possible.
(3.9GHz, four cores, four threads).0 /.6 Core i7 4790K?
Just the inclusion of 16x anisotropic texture filtering on its own makes a big difference, but running at double frame-rate is clearly the biggest boost.Resolution: 1920x1080 Anti-Aliasing: fxaa on, msaa off Population Density: 100 Population Variety: 100 Distance Scaling: 100 Texture Quality: Very high Shader Quality: High Shadow Quality: High Reflection Quality: Very high Reflection msaa: Off Water: High Particles: High Grass: Very high Soft Shadows: Softer Post Effects.Part of this may well be down to our need to reduce advanced draw distance to 80 per cent - it's the only way to fit everything into 4GB of RAM at UHD resolution and may well free up some CPU resources in the process.Keep a look out for the minimum frame-rate - it's usually found in the last sequence, which is especially heavy on the CPU.The Titan X is clearly the most capable card, but in a world where most gamers use 1080p or 1440p displays, the GTX 970 is the star of the show in terms of price vs performance.