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Mta san andreas 1.3 2 for pc

mta san andreas 1.3 2 for pc

Fixed not working tab key for scrollpanes and staticimages (to switch between edits and memos).
Fixed video settings overlapping, fixed fast sprint bug, fixed remote players on teams crashing joining players.
Fixed Custom melee weapons crashing the client.
Added support for CFF OpenType fonts with dxCreateFont.Fixed the glitchy gtasa animation when you blocksprint (where hands are repeatedly raised and lowered).Jony 160 Nicks, jony(48 Johnny(21 Joe(13 Joey(6.6 Jony(1.4 JonyBoredLand(1.4 Jon(1.3 JoeK(1.1 Jonny(0.9 JohnnyBravo(0.8 Johnny-UK(0.8 Jonybnc(0.4 johnnay(0.2 JonyCoD4(0.1 joe(0.1 JonyShower(0.1 Jony(0.1 Johnny2(0.1 Jonytehchoosenoan(0.1 JoeK(0.1 JonySkool(0.1 Johnny5(0.0 johnny(0.0 Jonynshit(0.0 JonyKillBill.Hello everyone, We are pleased to announce that MTA:SA.4 is now released!"English (United States or "Arabic" - table getLocalization ( ) m/wiki/GetLocalization Added Ability to modify/edit bans - bool setUnbanTime( ban theBan, int theTime ) m/wiki/SetUnbanTime - bool setBanReason( ban theBan, string theReason ) m/wiki/SetBanReason - bool setBanAdmin ( ban theBan, string theAdmin ) m/wiki/SetBanAdmin.Client, new Functions, new Events, changes, online players in the bottom right of the server browser.
Added removal of incompatible compatibility settings.
Xml Fixed file name displayed in error messages for no cache scripts Fixed no cache Lua files running before remaining resource files have been downloaded Fixed Entering a taxi causing visible change in money counter Fixed not being able to enter attached Brown Streak Carriages.
Fixed crash when streaming a towed vehicle in certain circumstances Fixed connecting via command line if gta_sa.So you can avoid re-downloading vehicle mods etc.Added blocking of known malicious server scripts.Fixed money counting down when changing server.Fixed a clientside HandlingData memory leak.Fixed setVehicleTaxiLightOn not working for Cabbie Fixed resetting of vehicle handing property 'driveType' and 'engineType' Modified random nick generator to use less memory Fixed visibility of 'Use customized GTA:SA files' setting Fixed onPlayerVoiceStart re-triggering when cancelled Fixed a startup freeze caused by dll conflicts Fixed.Fixed base64Decode not handling fast file recover crack binary data properly.Added auto reconnect to internal http server if download error using external.Fixed client crash when using setVehicleColor with invalid element.