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Software design document example template

software design document example template

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15 Fallback!- Category: instruction - xsl:fallback!- Content: template - /xsl:fallback Normally, instantiating an xsl:fallback element does nothing.
For the cdata-section-elements attribute, the effective value is the union of the specified values.
If the xslt processor has an implementation of an extension function of a particular name available, then the function-available function must return true for that name.An xsl:call-template element invokes a template by name; it has a required name attribute that identifies the template to be invoked.The value attribute contains an expression.Users are free to order the elements as they prefer, and stylesheet creation tools need not provide control over the order in which the elements occur.Iana Charset Registration Procedures.Otherwise, it refers to an extension element.The following example shows how the xml-stylesheet processing instruction XML Stylesheet can be used to allow a document to contain its own stylesheet.p /body /html /xsl:otherwise /xsl:choose /xsl:template /xsl:stylesheet note: If a stylesheet depends crucially on a top-level element introduced by a version of XSL after.0, then the stylesheet can use an xsl:message element with terminate"yes" (see 13 Messages ) to ensure that xslt processors implementing.
Root nodes and element nodes).
A relative URI wine 1.1.3 1mdv2008.1 i586 rpm is resolved relative to the base URI of the xsl:import element (see.2 Base URI ) XML Stylesheet World Wide Web Consortium.Any other format token indicates a numbering sequence that starts with that token.The result tree may have any sequence of nodes as children that would be possible for an element node.Since disabling output escaping may not work with all xslt processors and can result in XML that is not well-formed, it should be used only when there is no alternative.The content of the element is a template, which is instantiated to give the content of the created element node.16.2 html Output Method The html output method outputs the result tree as html; for example, xsl:stylesheet version"1.0" xsl:output method"html xsl:template match html xsl:apply-templates/ /html /xsl:template.3.4 Whitespace Stripping After the tree for a source document or stylesheet document has been constructed, but before it is otherwise processed by xslt, some text nodes are stripped.The following entity can be used to construct a DTD for xslt stylesheets that create instances of a particular result DTD.